Monday, November 29, 2004

woww..its been long..ya noe..i think i cry too much haha but yeah..u noe i think u've been really sweet to think of such beautiful poems for me..u made me cry cos i was touched..hehe...no one person has done tat much for me.. well for one thing im crazy about poems hehe..

" I wanted to see if your okay...so i stood there in e dark i saw you look around for me but i couldn't follow my heart...iwanted to walk up to you and hold you one last time.. but i knew if i took dat step, it would change my mind..no matter where i go now, your face is all i see..close your eyes on the darkness night and i'll meet you in your dreams..i know it wasnt said but i could swear you heard me with your heart instead.."
27/11/04 02.12

"There you are again in my dreams i thought i had lost you to all the miles and minutes that are between a voice not recognised... yet your laugh so true in this lonely emptiness..your memory at midnite enters my mind..feelings not allowed in a world of reality live strong in my unconscious..all that i have left is in those memories at midnite.."
25/11/04 19:33

"God made you so special...you are his werk of art...unique in everyway..all soul, body, mind and heart...this mix that makes you wonderful is no mean feat...making your life a gift to each one that you meet...cause this world is a better place because of u sweety..."
30/11/04 00:53

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