Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Speaking of sweet talking, its nice to hear at first but subsequently it just gets on my nerves..like...when does the real u begin and where does the real you end...do u mean wat u say? or are u just saying it to please pple's ears...or just sayin it for the sake of sayin it..i so dunno man..hehe so lets just say dun give pple the wrong idea or pretending tat ur interested and later say ur not..its like a freakin slap across the face. How bout those who have the word revenge stuck to their foreheads? like A hurt her real bad and the next target who comes along B, who is interested in her, she does exactly wat A did to her to B...oh man...poor guy...does he deserve all that... its bullshit that pple can resort to such measures just to get back at the other sex... haha ok wats with me today...sorry just had to voice that out cos it gets on my nerves sooo badly...hehe noe wats the worse part, finding out that all this sweet talk which he says to u are all said to other girls as well..a vicious cycle..tat just makes u feel so super stupid haha tat u believed him n fell for his words..ok anyway ya...tats wat i wanted to say hehe..im getting weirder n crazier day by day...maybe cos im jus sooo bored..hehe k k hugs ciaoz..

*this blog entry has no discrimination against both the sexes..lol

Monday, October 18, 2004

Its the holidays and im soooooo bored...hmmm now im contemplating if i should work or just slack at home..hmmm i wanna give up on my tuition thingy...cos its a profession whereby i have to put in a lot of commitment..plus all tat project work and exams comin up in the second sem, i hardly think i can cope..so yup..hehe i dunno man...just resting at home one day is makin me go crazie...other than helping my mum mark her books, im geting way way way bored...didnt noe i could finish marking em fast huh.. -grins- i think im gonna fall sick man..cos im like down with the flu and all.. but i still wanna go shopping and the zoo..and a lot of places hehe i could say ive gone through a truckload of crap this year..its an experience though...i fall i pick myself up and i walk again...but it isnt easy.. but then again who says life was easy...sometimes its betta being single then get yourself tied down by unneccessary pain. but then again being single would mean u have sooo many freakin choices...erm..u dunno wat u want...that can cause pple to get fickle minded haha i dunno how true this is but read it in a magazine...when gals actually have problems, though talking it out wont solve it, but they feel better when they do...as for guys, talking it out is a hell no cos they believe that it still wont help them solve the problem..haha hmmm funnie huh how the minds of both genders work.. but somehow its true i guess..but then again im sure no matter how big a problem is..most importantly is one realises that he/she has pple who care for them and are willing to listen when they wanna talk.. :) the worse thing is to allow problems to become stresses and furthermore allow them to conquer ur life.. not all days in our lives are good days...when we feel lousy or down just look at it like its another bad day which is uncontrollable.. :) sometimes doing the things u like or enjoy helps in taking ur mind off things for a short while though u noe its still there... its a way of handling stress... telling it to someone u trust or knowing that this person will never put u down helps sometimes.. different pple have different opinions on issues.. all i noe is whenever im faced with problems which i cant take anymore, theres always my mum there to guide me to talk to me..by telling her how i feel sometimes, she makes me feel betta by carrying almost 3/4 of my burden... u noe sometimes friends arent everything...family is... Blood is definitely thicker than water... take care y'all out there who feel the world is on ur shoulders... hug hug :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sometimes in life u dun always get what u want...who says fate has to always play a part...wats with all the "dun think abt it soo much if he/she is yours they'll belong to u eventually" look at it this way if u dun start doing sth abt someone u like...opportunity just slips away..u might never even get a second chance if need be... the worse part in this whole game of love is realising too late that u have feelings for a person...when u finally reveal to that person that u like em, the tables are turned and it hurts like shit when ya realise he/she had feelings for u before..and cause of leaving it all up to fate, u lose ur chance of being with him/her...sometimes something as amazing as vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate fudge is right in front of ur face, u just dun realise it till its tooo late...the saddest part is realising that ur feelings for the person has started to fade or sometimes vanished like totally when u have all along initiated to that person how much u felt for them.. it was tough giving up a couple of pple in my life...always having the idea that i was not good enough for them or that they didnt feel the same way (but i did ultimately...u just have to let em go..) to the extent that nothin else matters anymore even if they were to turn their heads and said they liked u back...so what even if u are willing to give up almost everything to be with that person, to compromise and make sacrifices..(sometimes it doesnt matter animore) no one said it was gonna be easy but whoeva said it was too tough to conquer as well? :) its through experiences that one learns to be tough to face up to ur own insecurities and duh! be with the one u like or love for that matter...Speaking about fate again, look at this scenario if everyone were to completely deem themselves solely on fate, love does not exist! For eg If a guy wanted to know a girl and he jus thought to himself: hmmm...i wanna noe her...but sigh..i dun think im gd enuf for her...anyway eventually if fate permits, i will get to know her and it'll work out" but who knows this girl might have met someone else and fell in love...do u think this guy would even exist in her heart? i doubt so..fate isnt everything...admitting to someone u like em isnt a sin.. its not sth i wouldnt do... however i must be sure that he's the one i want before i should do anything if not it'll end up hurting them...to a certain extent thats true but then again...sometimes waiting to see if hes the rite one does not always work out because u lose him before u even noe it lol in regards to the many people i so called "interviewed", most of which claimed that they wouldnt wanna admit it to the person they like cos it would eventually jeopardize even the friendship they had together...then again its partially true...but all the couples out there when they actually commit to each other and accept the feelings they had for each other, im sure they've thought abt that too..however, they are willing to take that risk and eventually they do achieve and attain wat they thought was unattainable... :) It's all about how u pursue ur happiness..im not saying fate is bullshit..all im saying is dun bang on it too hard...ciao guys n gals hugz

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