Tuesday, September 28, 2004

got my pair of hazel coloured contacts today...looking at me close up would seem like im a wolf with exotic eyes...thats way scary haha but from afar...its ok i guess...did a couple of stupid things today...like always...with linda alifya all..haha hmmm...doing crazie things can never stop me even though im sick...have been having the flu like since dunno when..haha ive been sniffing like some crazie fool..and my nose is so blocked...!! gosh..hehe but who cares.. -wink- goshh...i miss lotsa my friends man! (ok i noe that was a sudden thought thats why it came out all of a sudden hehe) i miss pple like...eugenia, diane, lionel cutie, fi fi boy, naughty alif, samantha, azlan boy...and a lot man! goshhh..havent seen most of them in a long long while...yeah i miss u guys so much..haha u noe theres one thing abt me even i myself just found out..haha i cant live without frens man! their part of my life...of cos the ones worth keeping..not the ones who just enjoy hurting me...but like who cares..im happi now so too bad..hehe look i told u im crazie...haha anyway today was a crazie and ok day la..haha hug hug n muackzzzz... as quoted" tonight...sleep tight sweet dreams remember ur blanket sweetz and keep yourself as warm as possible" by Faizal...hehe

Sunday, September 26, 2004

its been looooooong...haha but yeah im back...goshhh...of cos im not gonna blog all the shit that happened the past few months..hehe the past week has been hectic man! assignments date dues are sooo close together im dying...stressed stressed...still remember what happened last thursday...on my way to school i got off the bus and just fainted...gosh...that was how weak ive gotten..thank god alifya caught me before my head hit the floor...goodness...then now im sick again...arghhhh...but luckily most of the assignments are completed and my life can go back on track -wink- which means more shopping and more hanging out more singing and more dancing haha..just finished my second round of production last week...the audience liked it...but to me i felt that i sucked...and there was no self satisfaction at all..the nerves got the betta of me and it wasnt the best performance i knew i could put up... just a couple of week ago...got to know this amazing fun-loving (as he called himself) guy, Faizal...who happened to be Azlan's friend...till now im stioll confused abt how he got my number..aiya but heck la..its like the story keeps changing..haha but anyway hes a really nice guy who is both sweet n understanding..a nice person to talk to..and this particular stuff he does...is so so shocking! haha will elaborate furtehr in my next blog...love ya guys n gals! huggies

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