Monday, July 12, 2004

I think i looked alive today haha cos usually on monday mornings i always look blur n gong gong haha carried tons of books to sch today for a mathematics project. Apparently i was wondering whether shaiful was on e same train as me to sch so we could talk crap n go to sch together but that brat was actually driven to school by his father haha -grins- ms wong's lectures are getting kinda boring..it used to be interestin that i loved all her classes.. but the eye contact thingy still remained haha i always feel her eyes on me.. -pout- and shes always smiling haha hmmm as usual i had gastric pains again..it seems to be getting worse cos i always skip my meals n i dun eat on time..hopefully things would get betta since im monitoring my meal times n tryin hard not to skip meals..i can actually go without meals for a day...goodness haha.. its so disrupted this pattern..school finished early today at 12 but i had to stay back for a couple of project discussions till abt 1 plus to two.. cos i had to wait for the babes to finish theirs, i slacked at the library with la la aka lahiri -grins- to watch Bridget Jones's Diary. hmmm...kinda sick la the content haha not to mention the scenes that appear too skimpily haha a little sick at some parts too..la la n i laughed our asses off when we tried to read lips instead of using the headphones hehe surprisingly alifya appeared and watched the discovery of islam or sth like tat..i wanted to head to town to get sth but it was raining and it was wet n yucky so i changed my mind hehe and also i veri shy to see adam la haha cos i heard many stories about him haha (right lionel cutie?) -grins- ohhh ya talking abt lionel cutie..this boy soo cuuute actually mentioned abt bluetooth n tryin to locate pple from 10 metres away haha and it is way uncountable the number of times this boy had asked me if he was disturbing me...and for the last time no u arent ok ok..hehe took bus with fi fi boy oops i mean firdaus boy boy haha he hates (fi fi boy) this name..to the train station..and cos we were standing at the joining of the bus, i had this weird notion that if the bus split in two i would split too haha and kept askin him if that would really happen haha i think he got irritated.. -grins- oh ya..its still ur fault fi fi boy err..i mean firdaus boy boy that u said my glasses would break and it really did..psychic man! freaky.. hehehe k la i think i blog too much alreadi..besides me sleepy.. and when i get sleepy i become blur blur haha a wet wet ewww ewww monday but ok la..-wink- hug hug babes n hunks.. -smile-

Thursday, July 01, 2004

A pretty ok first week of school.. hey the week isnt over hehe only the first dae was a lil weird haha some freshie tot i was a freshie and asked for my nos but when i said i was in Yr2 he just walked off just like that...wahaha weird i tell u...anyway another thing which happened on the first dae was at BK at CineLeisure haha cos my frens and i got really tired so we decided to slack at Bk in CineLeisure and when we walked into BK, this bunch of managers and this guy in a red cap and red clothes turned and stared at us..so we were like..errr.. ok..but anyway we sat down at one corner and pooled out wateva coins we've got to get a drink so unfortunately stacey had to be the one picked to buy it so she went to the counter then the same thing happened again! all of them turned to stare so now i realised that they were staring at me...for awhile i thought i didnt zip my jeans or sth..but i did anyway..then my second thought was that there was sth on my face haha but there isnt as well...then the guy in red ahem here ahem there..so i jus dun care lor...just went back with the drinks and so we slacked there for awhile then when we left this girl who worked there ran towards me..and i thought i left sth behind but ended up she asked for my nos cos she said her fren wanted to noe me..so i kept asking her whose her fren but she refused to tell me..then she said hes behind the counter..so i was like "oh.." and at first i didnt wanna give cos i wasnt interested actually..but my frens were like pestering me to give so i obliged.. so tat nite when i got home "he" called me and i asked him who he was then he said to find out myself then i was like "huh?" so eventually he said he was having a manager meeting thingy so i asked him if he was the guy in red and he said "hmmm wat do u think"..haha weird.. but eventually he said he was..and she thought i was malay..haha anyway he is kinda cuute la.. haha so its two weird things happening on one day..hmmm anyway the first week was ok la.. jus tat i have a couple of weird modules like financial management which is accounting (i suck at it) and also Productivity n Services or sth which is an engineering module as well (i dun understand it man! haha) and assignments are mostly in alreadi..aiyo...i die man! haha anyway i hope u guys would end this week with a smile k k..take care guys n gals..tata huggies -winks-

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